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For Women, By Women, Helping Women




Gathering will vary from city to city (right now we have Atlanta, NYC, DC, and Los Angeles on the radar for these next months). Gatherings will range from fun daytime events, brunches, dinners, and even casual cocktail parties... with these events the ticket will take care of your entry, meal, drinks, and such. Every gathering will be giving back to a local organization that is helping women in need in the city that it takes place. We will be working with brands that are founded by women to help sponsor these events as well. Giving back, great conversation, networking, and becoming familiar with new brands founded by women. 10% of proceeds from all gatherings will be donated to a local organization or non-profits. Our gatherings will have a ticket cap out unless it is noted as an open invite event. 

Art parties

The Simple + Suite exhibits I will be working with women artist exclusively. Did you know that most people can not name 5 women artist? Women over the years have been extremely left out of art communities - so I want to shine a light on the amazing talent that is within our community. Proceeds from the exhibits will be donated back to national organizations that help women as well. Art parties are an event to look at wonderful artwork created by women, buy wonderful artwork created by women, meet lovely humans, give back to helping women, and if purchasing artwork it's a tax write off (tho that's not what this is about, its true). Right now hosting in NYC and on in LA based on the market. Artwork from women will be accepted worldwide. The art parties are completely a non-profit event working on a national level.


One thing that I find so inspiring is Ted Talks. I think they not only inspire us but truly help us learn. Over the past couple years I have watched many panels take place and evolve that are truly uplifting women and inspiring women. I support this notion 110%. While these panels are incredible they aren't quite reaching women that are in need or communities that will uplift and give resources to women that not have such easy access to these learning experiences due to personal reasons. With Simple + Suite panels you will be purchasing a ticket for yourself and a % of the sale will be going towards sponsoring a women who is deserving to attend the panel but necessarily have the means to attend due to personal reasons. There will also be an option to add additional sponsorship at checkout if you would like to add additional funds to sponsoring tickets. Work panels will be limited to 50 - 75 women per panel, to keep things intimate. Each work panel will have a variety of learning resources. 


Retreats coming Summer of 2020. Working alongside women in other countries and creating meaningful relationships to expand our knowledge and depths of our strengths as women.