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What a weekend, one certainly for the books. It was a weekend full of women empowerment. I have never been more proud to be a woman. Truly. 

I cried many tears (mostly from just having so many feelings...).
Listening to Aly Raisman's statement on Larry Nassar is something I will never forget, enough is enough. It's statement's like Aly's that make me want to do this blog more now than ever. We are women, we are powerful, and we are making a stand. 
Together we rise. 

On the Simple + Suite blog the content will focus on design, artistry, wellness, and travel. 

• In the design department I am going to be focusing on homes and studios of women artist / entrepreneurs all over the world. Letting somebody into your home and space where you work, create, or wind down says a lot about who you are. It shows personality. I think seeing this side of others is something so important. I can't wait to showcase so many beautiful spaces. 

• In the artistry department I am going to be focusing on artist and entrepreneurs. Interviews with women all over the world who are making an impact on our society. I am so excited to connect with people and allow them to share their story with you! 

• With wellness comes all that you think. I will be diving into products that work for women, learning meals and recipes from female nutritionist (if you have a go to - you can always send it in as well), workouts lead by women all over the world, and so on. This is going to be a very interactive category where we can chat about your favorite women to follow and a place where we can better one another. I will also chat about self wellness and how important that is from my experiences. It is something that is so important and absolutely needs to be discussed. 

• Travel guides are simply what it sounds like but with a spin. Yes, I will being doing full travel guides to the places that I visit but it will also have a broken down guide of paces that are ran by women in the cities as well. This will be one of my main focuses to find these places for you. From shops, nail salons, restaurants ran by women / founded by women, exc.

• You'll also get the occasional me! I am personally working to show you brands that I discover or work with. This means all the products!  I am also digging into stories about my life, my journey, and all the things along the way. It might get deep at times... it's also going to be very lighthearted at times. Just trust me on this. 

On the website I will be focusing on giving back. I am currently working on a page that contains jobs for you if you are looking. The main factor is these jobs are ran by women.

There will also be a place to give back - from local organizations by city to worldwide. It allows you to get involved. 

• If you know of any people who would be interested in getting involved in anything that I have listed above please fill out the contact form.